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September employee of the month Fannie Chapman

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Congrats to our new employee of the month! Here are some of the things her coworkers said about her:

“She’s thinking outside the box…….I LOVE it!”

“She has started including on some procedure scheduling forms the ICD-9 and procedure codes! That is very helpful! I have also noticed that she has “stepped outside the box” and started calling pcp’s to start a referral for the pre op appt. Any little bit helps & is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for being a team player, Fannie!! You Rock!!”

“She is amazing! She is such an important part of the YUA team. There is no task too big for her to handle. She helped me/MSU out so much today. She knew exactly what to do and actually did all the work with getting a patient scheduled at another facility, this was a huge help, as my clinic was super busy…Fannie you rock!!”

“I am very blessed to work with such great people…Fannie is truly an amazing person…”

“Fannie had to move a surgery up and was asking if another pre-auth needed to be done. Then, since she had to call Yakima County Jail to give them the new surgery date, she also inquired about the referral and verified that the PA Dept. didn’t need to do anything else! Great Teamwork!”

“We were down to 2 employees for front desk, due to call ins and scheduled people off, and it was AMAZING Fannie to the rescue, she actually texted me and offered to come in on her day off and help the front desk out, now that is going above and beyond, and she helped make the day much better for the staff that was here.”

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