July is Hydration and Urologic Function Month

As summer arrives and temperatures rise, staying well hydrated becomes even more crucial. Beyond quenching your thirst, proper hydration has overarching benefits for your entire body, including your urinary system.


Why Hydration Matters:

Bladder Cancer Risk: Well-hydrated individuals may lower their risk of bladder cancer. Water helps break down toxins and carcinogens, flushing them out through the urinary system1.
Kidney Stones: Proper hydration helps prevent kidney stones by ensuring there’s enough fluid to dissolve waste. Kidney stones can be painful and require medical intervention.
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Dehydration increases the risk of UTIs. Staying hydrated allows you to flush out harmful bacteria from your bladder.
Kidney Health: Severe dehydration can harm your kidneys, potentially leading to kidney failure. Adequate hydration supports kidney function1.
Remember, water is your best choice for staying hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine. If you have urologic concerns, consider consulting a urologist for personalized advice1.

Stay hydrated and take care of your urological health!

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