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2018 March Employee of the Month – Theresa Joly

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Congratulations to our March Employee of the Month!! Theresa Joly Here are some of the great things her coworkers said about her:

“Today was nursing’s turn to clean the lunch room. I went into there to clean it and it was already done. I found out that Theresa had already done it. So a big thank you to her. I really appreciated it.”


“Thank you Theresa Joly!! A patient was very concerned about getting her CT authorized and scheduled before her insurance term’d. We were able to get the authorization and Theresa dropped what she was doing to get the patient scheduled and to see the doctor before her insurance terminated in 2 days! Thanks for the team work and extra effort!!”


“I am very blessed to work with such great people…..Theresa, Isabell, Fannie and glory are truly amazing people…and I would like to nominate each and every one of them for employee of the month…..Not one is better than the other they are all truly equal!”


“Every time she’s counted the cash box this week, she not only runs a tape on the cash and receipts, but re-runs a tape on the box afterwards to prove the $100.00 that should be there. It’s AWESOME!!!”


“I’d like to nominate all the ladies at the front desk as employees of the month for their team effort in helping our department get through recent crisis.   With all the changes and confusion of the last few months they have all been real troopers and incredibly patient with all our requests and needs.   Thanks Front Desk!!”


“She does a terrific job with the patients!!  If the patient gives her information regarding the balances that she can help them with she takes care of it and then gives me the information, saving time and frustration on the part of the patient!! ”


“She had a steady stream of people checking out, was trying to give directions over the phone AND trying to help me and she did it all with a smile and great attitude!”


“I had ordered more of our blue out guides, and when they were delivered, the team was discussing the cost, Theresa got on Amazon and found the exact same ones for almost half the price and e-mailed me about it, we sent those back and ordered from Amazon, way to take initiative and help the company save big!!!”