Maintaining Kids' Urologic Health

Urology Health for Kids

Routines and proper hygiene are essential to maintain your child’s urology health!

Importance of Hygiene and Routine

According to the Urology Care Foundation, these are essential steps to help keep your child’s bladder and urinary tract healthy!

Before bedtime, limit fluids at night and ensure that your child uses the bathroom right before bed to prevent bedwetting.

Proper Hygiene for Girls
For girls, teach them to wipe from front to back. Wiping front to back will keep bacteria from entering the vagina and reduce the likelihood of urinary tract infections.

Protection for Boys
For boys, make sure they begin wearing an athletic supporter or “cup” as soon as they are involved in any kind of activity that could lead to groin injury, such as playing sports (Read “Ask a Urologist: Athletic Cups and Supports,”).

YUA Urology Health for Kids

Possible Bladder Issues

Think your child may have bladder issues? Here are 6 signs your child may have bladder dysfunciton.


Feels an urgent need to go without a full bladder. 


Feels like the bladder is still full, even after going to the bathroom.


Urinates less than 3 times a day. 


Frequent constipation with daytime urinary incontinence.


Bedwetting at night and having other bowel accidents.


Over the age of 4 and successfully potty-trained, but still having daytime accidents.