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Employee of the Month Mark Russell – May 2018

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Employee of the Month Mark Russell – May 2018

Mark works so hard around here.  Even more so with this wicked weather we’ve been having.  He is here in the early hours shoveling snow and making sure all of us, including the patients don’t fall.  He is “Johnny on the spot” for deliveries.   I believe he is capable of being in 3 different places at once as he is always needed somewhere for something.  I’ve never heard a complaint or a sigh.  He is always smiling and willing to jump in and help where needed

He really worked hard today in helping make my office feel like home!

Thanks for cleaning the dead bugs out of my light fixtures.

Kudo’s to Mark today.  There was a suspicious, strangely marked van parked outside the Business Office door for about 20 minutes, just sitting there.  There were only two of us in the Business Office and no managers in the building.  We caught Mark as he was coming back from lunch and he proceeded outside to question suspicious van occupant.  Come to find out the gentleman was waiting in the wrong parking lot.   Thank you Mark!!!

He always comes to the rescue when we have dirty bathrooms that need to be cleaned, and every time I need something fixed he’s always on it!